KPOP LUX - 2024, Deutsche Bank Park Stadium

KPOP LUX is coming to Frankfurt

2024 Artists Announced Soon!

Deutsche Bank Park Stadium

2024 Artists Announced Soon!

Amazing Lineup Guaranteed

2024 Artists Announced Soon!

Welcome to KPOP LUX


We have teamed up to provide the best show possible with some of the greatest KPOP acts. The venue stays the same, the production will be state of the art but the date moves to 2024. Stay tuned for artist announcements and exciting news coming soon!

K.FLEX Tickets 
Good news! If you've purchased a K.FLEX Ticket for our Frankfurt event, there's no action required on your part to keep it for the rescheduled event. Your K.FLEX Ticket will automatically be transferred over, ensuring you a spot for the next incredible KPOP LUX experience!
Refund Options 
We understand that not everyone will be able to attend the rescheduled event. If you wish to receive a refund for your K.FLEX Ticket, please reach out directly to Ticketmaster Germany for the refund process. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and continued support. 
We can't wait to bring you an unforgettable KPOP LUX event in Frankfurt!

KPOP LUX Frankfurt 2024

Coming Soon Coming Soon

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Don't miss out on the biggest k-pop festival in Frankfurt in 2024.